Benjamin Zweig

I practice playful minimalism.

Experienced with user interface & experience, visual design, interaction design, and prototyping. Experimenting with sound and motion. I enjoy being involved from ideation through execution.

I work at Twitch .

I'm on the Internet.

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Product Design

I've been at Twitch since July 2016. My team builds chat, discovery, events, and clips. Designers work closely with PMs, and are responsible for implementing their projects on the frontend alongside engineers. As major products I’ve contributed to are released, I’ll highlight them here. Thus far: our left nav, chat & user settings, and events.

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HH Design

Group Admin

I help run a community for diverse student designers and programmers of myriad backgrounds to converse and collaborate. It's called HH Design. If you’re so inclined, join us on Facebook. (Also: our curated community Medium collection.)

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Freelance Work

Hi-Lite Co.

I've worked on mobile and web design/development projects with clients ranging from early-stage startups to established community organizations. I've designed brands, websites, mobile applications, and some fly socks.

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VP of Design

I rebranded the latest event from one of the largest and longest-running university hackathons, striving for a community-leading gender balance. I wrote haikus. Skills utilized: visual design, copywriting, web design, and UX.

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Hackathon Projects

Thirty-six-hour events are a great way to explore an idea, as you rapidly bring a project from rough concept to MVP. Some of my favorite outcomes include a smart mesh network messenger, an NLP finance assistant, a cash-saving amazon bot, and an attitude-sensing email proofreader.

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Other projects.

If I like it and it wasn't made at a hackathon, it'll be here.

Dribbble Portfolio

A collection of visual design work.

Jankyscroll – JS "Plugin"

A terrible scrolling experience.
Since so many websites hijack scrolling, I thought I'd save them some trouble with a handy plugin. Please don't use this, ever. Somehow, it was #1 on Hacker News.

Settl – Comedy Hack Day

Winner of "Funniest Hack."
Made in under 36 hours with Matt Condon at CHD Los Angeles 2015, Settl is a dating app for the real millennial generation. No matter how many times I do it, getting onstage doesn't feel any less nerve-wracking.

EMP – Chrome Extension

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When commenting on Facebook, I'm often giving feedback, answering a question, or making a terrible pun. Commenting automatically subscribes me to notifications of all further activity on a post, which is usually something I don't want. EMP is a simple chrome extension to elegantly solve this UX hiccup.

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