Benjamin T. F. Zweig

I practice playful minimalism.

I aim to convey maximal emotion with as little cognitive clutter as possible. I believe good design and design thinking in general can be disruptive by nature. I stand my ground when necessary and justifiable, but I make sure to keep an open mind.

Iā€™m a visual and product designer, aspiring musician, UI/UX fanatic, and copywriter/editor with a passion for delighting users.
Also, I make a damn good mixtape.

I work at Twitch . It's great.

I'm on the Internet.

If you'd like to see my resume (or talk about something else), cool!
Shoot me an email, and I'll get right back to you.

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VP of Design

I rebranded the latest event from one of the largest and longest-running university hackathons, striving for a community-leading gender balance. I wrote haikus. Skills utilized: visual design, copywriting, web design, and UX.

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HH Design

Group Admin

I'm growing a dope online community for designers and programmers of all types and backgrounds to converse and collaborate. Sound like your type of crew? Come join us on Facebook. We recently launched a rebrand and newsletter.

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Freelance Work

Hi-Lite Co.

I've worked on mobile and web design/development projects with clients ranging from early-stage startups to established community organizations. I've designed brands, websites, mobile applications, and some fly socks.

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Lunar (Cosmos)

Product Designer

I gained serious interaction, accessibility and product experience while working on bringing the internet to a new, underserved, and underdeveloped market. Techstars Mobility class of 2015.

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Hackathon Projects

Thirty-six-hour events are a great way to explore an idea, as you rapidly bring a project from rough concept to MVP. Some of my favorite outcomes include a smart mesh network messenger, an NLP finance assistant, a cash-saving amazon bot, and an attitude-sensing email proofreader.

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Other projects.

If I like it and it wasn't made at a hackathon, it'll be here.

Dribbble Portfolio

A collection of visual design work.

Jankyscroll ā€“ JS "Plugin"

A terrible scrolling experience.
Since so many websites hijack scrolling, I thought I'd save them some trouble with a handy plugin. Please don't use this, ever. Somehow, it was #1 on Hacker News.

Settl ā€“ Comedy Hack Day

Winner of "Funniest Hack."
Made in under 36 hours with Matt Condon at CHD Los Angeles 2015, Settl is a dating app for the real millennial generation. No matter how many times I do it, getting onstage doesn't feel any less nerve-wracking.

EMP ā€“ Chrome Extension

⌘ + Enter to unsubscribe.
When commenting on Facebook, I'm often giving feedback, answering a question, or making a terrible pun. Commenting automatically subscribes me to notifications of all further activity on a post, which is usually something I don't want. EMP is a simple chrome extension to elegantly solve this UX hiccup.

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