HH Design

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Now at over 7,000 members, HH Design is a rapidly-growing space for builders to connect. We have an oft-updated Medium Collection with submissions from group members and the likes of John Maeda.


Once we reached 5,000 members, we realized we should probably solidify a brand of some sort. I started to mess around with the following:

However, nothing struck me as fantastic. A few weeks later, I returned to the same concepts with Jeff and aimed to simplify as much as possible.

Neat! Way better. Now for cover photo iterations.

I prototyped an animation, and worked with Chén Yè on the finishing touches.


We recently launched signups for our newsletter, called Highlights. We get that some people (unlike your dutiful admins) might not be able to religiously check the group. This means you could miss out on some cool stuff, which would suck. So each week we’ll take top links and discussions, bundle them into a beautiful, nicely-summarized content brick, and chuck it directly at your mailbox. Yeah? So, sign up here, and never miss out on cool stuff ever again.


Last year, we had a few meetups! Hopefully we'll do way more of 'em this year.