VP of Design

MHacks has invited thousands of students to complete creative projects in only 36 hours. Last year, I worked on an event that was to be a radical departure in terms of attendee scale and event feel.


All previous events had gone by number, and used the same “M” frame. While we initially planned on continuing in kind, it became clear that this was going to be a standalone event. Thus, we skipped the number, and I instead dubbed it "MHacks: Refactor."

After much deliberation, we determined that despite a potential loss of recognizability, the nature of this event dictated a new, distinct and differentiating brand. We wanted something clean and more versatile in-use, and a brand befitting a smaller, more exclusive event.

So, I started sketching!

I simplified the color palette from last year's gradient-heavy shades.

After running through ~10 contenders, I found (as one often does) that the first design I had landed on was the strongest. (Logotype optional, but encouraged!)

I went with Aperçu for titles/headings, and Avenir Next for body text.

For patterning I arranged logo fragments, used here for social media banners.

On the side, of the latter banner, you can spot some sneaky custom lettering, disguised as abstract header decoration (title, sponsorship, FAQ).

This all came together in a nifty placeholder page.


I also had a chance to do some creative copywriting! While viewing the FAQ section, users were presented with this switch. Wanna guess what it does?

Sick of informative, to-the-point answers? Here's a sampling:

What is MHacks?
thirty-six hours
to build what your heart desires
what isn't MHacks?​

Do I have to register?
yes, please register
you know, it’s rude to arrive
without calling first

What should I bring?
your laptop for sure
we’ll send you a list later
deodorant please